Top 10 Tips – On How To Make Money from Music as a Musician

In this post, I will show you how to make
money from music and any musician can
use these little-known tips right now to
earn money from his/her music today.

The music industry happens to be one of
the largest industries around the globe
similar to the movie industry with more
musicians coming to the limelight.

But the issue becomes how to monetize
music as it seems to be a base point for
most musicians aside from singing for the
passion of it and this can be a bumpy ride
particularly for those starting as musicians.

And when you give thought to the process
of rising to the limelight as a musician like
rehearsal space, hosting a personal website,
photography, distribution, and lots more,
all these can be overwhelming if you are
considering making money from music.

Nevertheless, there are still ways you can
Make both as an upcoming artist or a
known artiste. Follow through!

Here are the top 10 ways to make money
from music.

1. Through Distribution Deals

This strategy puts you in charge as it bridges
the gap between the artiste and the record

It is more favourable to independent
musicians to make money through this
means you will either have a record label of
your own or you let the distribution
company take care of it.

They are two ways to go about distribution

It is either the digital or physical content of
your music to a distribution company to help
promote and market the music.

The second option is that you take care of
the production, marketing, and distribution
of the music.

This option is risky and so I will advise you
to opt for the first option.

Note: Distribution deals are different from
record deals.

In record deals, the company takes charge
of all your expenses from the moment you
sign a contract with the record label.

All your expenses are being taken care
of marketing, promotion, and distribution
of music.

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Some even go to the extent of taking care
of your basic needs like accommodation
but it’s not free as you think.

Now, the pattern of payment comes in
two ways, which are:

Salary based on negotiation

Here, the artist is not entitled to have a part
of the percentage of the profit that returns
after a hit song also known as “banger.”
But rather the artiste is paid monthly which
may be a loss to him/her.

That is why most artists tend to run away
from this option.

Payment based on a percentage

This is pretty fair and many musicians have
made money through these options.

For instance, the likes of Tiwa Savage, Davido,
Wizkid, and more have made through
this means.

Here, the percentage of the profit made
after all expenses is been shared between
the artist and record label.

Regardless, the distribution deals pay
more than the record deals, and distribution
companies like Bandcamp, Reverbnation are
always available to help with the distribution
of music.

2. Through the Monetization of Facebook &
Instagram Music For many that are not aware,
you can monetize the music on your
Facebook and Instagram.

How you may ask? Well, Facebook
collaborates with certain record labels and
distribution companies to monetize your
music on Facebook which covers Instagram.

How this is done is that with the help of a
record label or distributor, your music will
be uploaded on Facebook’s database for
people to scan through and choose
according to our preferences & it is being
monitored and tracked to avoid people
violating their policy or rules.
The areas for the inclusion of music are:

Instagram/Facebook Stories: Aside from
passing emojis and stickers. There is an
available placement for music to be added
according to your stories where family and
friends can watch or share with others.

Live Videos: You can select music too if
you want to go live on any of these
And guess what? When you are live, your
audience can see the artists of the music
you are playing.

The beautiful thing about all these is that
your music is being tracked and it is allowed
to be shared by followers within and outside
your region and at the end of the month,
you get paid.

Note: The digital content that you will submit
should be your content that you have the
authority right to or a third party content you
still have authorized to.

3. Through Paid Appearances
Although music industries are not making
much from record sales.

Musicians have figured out another way they
can make money which is through paid

Where you are invited to show up at clubs,
events, tours and still get paid for showing up.

4. Through Youtube
This is one of the known means of making
money from musicians.

Creating content on Youtube is pretty easy
these days all thanks to advanced

There are several means to make money
through YouTube. Which are:

First, you can record a beat and create a cover
page before uploading it to Youtube.

Second, you can get paid when your music is
used as ads on Youtube. So ensure you create
a Youtube today!

5. Through Collaborations with Musicians/
Brands The more you build an online brand
for yourself and gradually climb the limelight,
many brands and musicians will begin to take
note of you.

Aside from the notice, if you happen to know
your skills(music) very well.

You will begin to get recommendations not
only from your producer but also from other
musicians who might have listened to your
song and loved it.

For instance, who could have imagined that
Johnny Drille and Teni could feature as a duo
to remix “Denge Pose”.
This is what happens with collaboration.

6. Through Performance Royalties
Yes, there is a possibility of making money
from performance royalties.

There is no doubt that many musicians have
made money from this means either by
featuring them in a song or using their music
to act in a movie or when their music is being
interpolated or sampled.

What is music interpolation?

Music interpolation happens when a piece
of existing music by an artist is being
transformed with related sounds, patterns
or melody, etc from the existing music.

While music sampling is when part of an
existing song is being merged with a present
song. So, for every song that is interpolated
or sampled.
The owner of the song gets royalties from
the act.

For instance, the known song of Burna boy,
Ye samples the late Fela Kuti.

He may have paid royalties to the family
of the deceased before bringing it on air.

So, even if the owner of the music is alive
or not when the song is used in a movie
or it is interpolated or sampled.

There is a percentage of royalties that
goes to the original owner of the music
and it is a lifelong process for musicians
to make money from music.

7. Through Streaming
Since we are in a digital space with the
availability of digital content.

Musicians can now stream their music
through certain platforms like Spotify,
Audiomack, and many more.

How it works is that the higher the number
of streams, the higher profit you make.

Although for platforms like Apple music,
the algorithm behind it is that the higher the
number of streams you get from a particular
region, you earn more from that region.

The procedure to get started is by uploading
the music to these platforms except premium
platforms that you will need the help of
distribution companies like Bandcamp,
distros kids, etc to upload your music.

8. Through Events/Ticket Sales
You cannot talk about how artists make
money from music and exclude the events/
ticket sales.

And like we all know that tickets have always
been sold at concerts since the birth of the
music industry.

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In the end, the profit gathered is being shared
between the artiste, record label, and
the brand organizing the show.

Aside from the sales of the ticket, money
also is realized through event tours where
artists will be able to attract a huge crowd via
their events which at enough revenue will be

9. Online Live Shows
This method was made known during the
covid_19 pandemic where artists will host an
online event from the comfort of their homes
and tag a fee to it with a condition that you
only have access to the online show after you
have made payment.

It is that easy without needing to leave the
comfort of your home.

10. Government-Sponsored Events
The government takes care of the payment
when you get an invite from them to come
feature at any governmental events and
trust me, the pay is usually a good one.

The basic thing is to build a strong online
presence that can attract this kind of offer.


Being a musician is one thing and making
money from music is another thing.

Yes, it might take a while but it is worth it.
All you have to focus on is being consistent
and keep being adding value.

If you have other ways one can make money
from music please feel free to share.

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